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Aravind R

does chrome or opera has image reading facility like firefox with webvisum?

On 8/23/16, Jacob Kruger <jacob@...> wrote:
On my side it seems as fast as chrome, but, haven't really done anything
like a form of speed-testing.

Main thing is that the interface definitely works better for me than
chrome, in terms of doing something simple like loading a webpage, and
getting to page contents immediately - I work with the web a lot.

And, while I like firefox, it does still seem to, at times, cause minor
lock-up issues with NVDA, but anyway.

But, yes, I am a web developer, so I actually switch between different
browsers for different forms of activity, or at times just to make sure
they react/act in similar fashions depending on what am playing around
with in terms of client-side activity, but anyway.

Stay well

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On 2016-08-23 12:53 AM, Greg Wocher wrote:

I installed it earlier today and for most part it is very accessible.
I do find it just a bit slower than Chrome and Firefox though.


Greg WOcher

On 8/22/2016 5:10 PM, Jacob Kruger wrote:

But, I actually just installed it via<smile>

Stay well

Jacob Kruger
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"Resistance is futile, but, acceptance is versatile..."

On 2016-08-22 11:01 PM, Arlene wrote:
That is still around? Opra? I heard about it in the old xp days!

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While had sort of forgotten about opera web browser since it didn't
seem to work with screen readers a little while ago, realised that
it nowadays seems to have implemented a sort of embedded form of
chrome, which means that you can work perfectly well enough with it,
along with NVDA.

And, the other advantage is that while it has a similar form of
interface in terms of menu system to chrome, besides that, the
interface is a lot cleaner/simpler, and, for example, shift+tab from
address bar will in fact just take you to the web page contents.

Now, while haven't played around with all of it's settings as of
yet, it does also, at the very least, make use of all the
standard/same keystrokes as internet explorer, chrome, etc. - as in,
keystrokes to open links in new popup windows, navigating
back/forward through history, etc., and, it also seems to have a
couple of nice, other tweaks, etc., like what it refers to as it's
speed-dial, which lets you assign hotkeys to bring up specific
websites, etc. etc.

Anyway, specifically what with it's cleaner form of an interface,
but, still being based on chrome, I am pretty sure this will be my
default browser - unless come across some specific problems...<smile>

And, lastly, FWIW, in the old sighted days, opera was also generally
my browser of choice, simply since it was, even back then, basically
a stripped down, cleaner interface, which is meant to be able to
load webpages quicker, use less system resources, etc. etc.

Stay well

Jacob Kruger

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