Re: nvda and browse verses focus mode and submenus: navigation of discord's submenus

Tony Malykh

You might want to try "Automatically set system focus to focusable elements off" mode - NVDA+NumRow 8 -it might help prevent autoexpanding menus.


On 7/30/2020 8:11 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

Sorry about the long ish subject line. I've having a problem with discord where the menus are auto expanding. I'm using the canary version of discord but no one else either seems not to have this issue or this is a bug in nvda 20.x. I'm going to send a video of what happens, but even though the voice is fast it should still be ok.

Basically this is happening:

  1. The submenus are auto expanding.
  2. Left and right arrow are spelling the submenus out

Is there a setting in browse mode that would cause this? I've never seen this before in any app but discord and the stuff member I'm in contact with can't reproduce this on his copy of nvda 2020.
here is the video clip

Again do I have a setting wrong in browse mode? Do the discord people need to code something differently? I think I've stumped the dev I'm in talks with. I don't have any stuck keys as this also happens on my shadow.


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