Re: Questions About Mouse Cursor Movement and Position

Steve Matzura

Yes, I have GC installed. Just haven't learned how to use it yet, that's abundantly clear to me now. LOL.

On 7/30/2020 9:48 PM, hurrikennyandopo ... wrote:

Not sure if you are aware of a add on called golden cursor it will let you use arrow keys to navigate and do other stuff it can be found at

it will have to be installed into NVDA for that extra functionality.

Gene nz


On 31/07/2020 12:53 pm, Steve Matzura wrote:
The audible position when the mouse cursor is routed is one of my favorite features of NVDA, but is it also possible to move the mouse cursor and pres a key that will give that same information at the mouse cursor's new position?

Also, what's the keystroke for getting the position of the PC Cursor? It seems that NVDA+DELETE only gives the mouse pointer position.

And lastly, is it possible to get these position announcements in pixels instead of percentages of linear measurements?

Thank in advance.

NVDA's come such a long way, and I'm happy and proud to be a supporter thereof, both conceptually and financially.

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