Re: Possible nvda problems when the system and the nvda language is set to Greek

Bobby Vinton <vinton.bobby5277@...>

On 7/31/2020 2:38 AM, Nikos Demetriou via wrote:
Hi all.
I would like to report 2 issues some other users reported to me.
I cannot reproduce them for now because my windows language is set to English and the same applies for the nvda language.

I am sending this to both the nvda list and the nvda addons list because one issue is for nvda in general and the other issue is with an addon.
Both issues seem to affect windows 10 users only.

People from Greece reported to me that after there is an update to nvda, the option to start nvda automatically with windows gets unchecked and they have to go into general settings and enable it again.
I never had this issue so I assume that it has got something to do with the windows language or perhaps the nvda language.
All these people have got Greek selected for both windows and NVDA.

The second issue has got to do with the addon windows 10 app essentials.

The addon is refusing to install on some systems.
The message they receive says failed to install without any further explanations.

By changing the nvda language the problem is not fixed.

A user mannaged to install the addon at the end by changing the nvda language, uninstalling nvda and reinstalling it.
This user had windows 10 1909 at first, then she updated to 2004, but the addon was refusing to install.

If you need more information let me know.
If needed I will try to find some logs from some people.

I never had this issue eather.  That's very odd.

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