Re: Possible nvda problems when the system and the nvda language is set to Greek

Luke Davis

On Fri, 31 Jul 2020, Nikos Demetriou via wrote:

People from Greece reported to me that after there is an update to nvda, the option to start nvda automatically with windows gets unchecked and they have to
go into general settings and enableĀ it again.
I never had this issue so I assumeĀ that it has got something to do with the windows language or perhaps the nvda language.
All these people have got Greek selected for both windows and NVDA.
That happens to all kinds of people, with English or various other languages set. It happens to me about 25% of the time I upgrade, and it doesn't seem to happen consistently for the same version of NVDA across various systems.

For now it's just one of those little quirks of computer life. If NVDA is silent for a while after updating and doing the restart, this has probably happened. Press the shortcut to start it and if it starts, that's what occurred.


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