Re: I am needing assistance updating to the latest version of NVDA

Kevin Cussick

Hi, well done, I remember what was like when I got my first computer. so just shout out and we will help if we can.

On 31/07/2020 00:02, Betsy Grenevitch wrote:
Sorry to clutter the list but I wanted to thank David and Sarah for helping me so much. I did not have the website that sarah mentioned written down before and when I went in that way it worked. I have memory problems now and thus the reason my confidence level is even lower. Thank you both for helping me have the courage to try downloading it this way.
Thank you to those who designed the website that the link said exactly what told me that I was at the correct spot to download the latest update.
On 7/30/2020 3:59 PM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:

You will be fine. Go to and use yoru screen reader's find function to find and navigate. You will be fine. You won't get hurt.


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On 30 Jul 2020, at 12:25, Betsy Grenevitch wrote:

Thank you. I am waiting to hear back from David hopefully with a
link to the full install. As I have told you and now told him I do
not feel comfortable with websites where I have to download
something unless there is a direct link. I know it is a fear I
need to get over but I guess it is because of a lack of training
on computers.

On 7/30/2020 11:39 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
And to add to Mr. Goldfield's advice, if you have an issue
running the full installer for NVDA 2020.2, then manually
uninstall whatever NVDA you currently have installed via Control
Panel, Programs and Features, then trying to install the latest
again.  But don't do that first, as an install-over install
generally works just fine.

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Betsy Grenevitch
Betsy Grenevitch

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