Re: NVDA and web buttons


Just press NVDA spacebar again, Hettie. A lower beep tone is what you
want to hear.

So I suspect I'm gonna get in trouble for saying this, but I'm just
sharing my experience. Sometimes, it appears like NVDA has trouble
activating some web elements, & I often have to use a variety of
techniques if enter or spacebar doesn't work, including the NVDA f7
key, using object navigation, NVDA backspace/shift backspace to ensure
the element is in focus & then enter/spacebar/click, etc. I think some
of it just has to do w/the element not actually being in focus,
although NVDA indicates that it is.

On 8/1/20, Hettie <> wrote:
Hi all

I used the NVDA key + spacebar to activate an unsubscribe button on my
AVG account web page. I was able to tab to the wanted button but unable
to activate it. After this it was also not possible to read the screen
with the arrow keys. When my son came to assist me he saw that there was
a message on the screen asking whether I really want to unsubscribe.
That message wasn't read to me and as I douldn't navigate the screen I
didn't knew that I was supposed to react on a yes/no question.

How do I return to the normal screen after pressing the NVDA key +

Thanks for any help.


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