Re: ergent, nvda is sensitive to capital letters:

Patrick Le Baudour

I tried with narrator, using the same sapi voice as in nvda nd it says the word without that 'problem'.
So it is nvda that does it. The thing is, in most cases, it is proper - mostly met, I guess, in programming and trademarks.
So apart from using narrator (i don't know what does jaws do, didn't wan't to restart my computer right now.), or finding an hidden option or some simple command for python console, I don't believe there is any simple solution... maybe he should learn programming to write an add-on that lowercases everything before it goes to other processing... :)

-- Patrick

Le 12/03/2016 15:31, Gene a écrit :
That is for the pitch that is encountered when reading letter by letter
or when typing with echo character on. The problem the person is having
is that when a word has capital letters in the middle of the word, it is
not read as though it were a typical word. I have not seen any setting
that affects this and I don't know if it has anything to do with NVDA or
if it is the synthesizer itself that causes this behavior.
To illustrate, I capitalized the G and I in the word "original" that
immediately follows this message. When I do this, or is read then G I
is spoken as if it were a word, then the rest of the word is spoken.
This spelling of capital letters makes reading almost impossible because
words become unrecognizable or almost so.
This is completely unrelated to any settings I am aware of in NVDA.
This may be an NVDA behavior because I tried reading the word with three
different synthesizers and got similar results.

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