Bluetooth Audio Addon Not Functioning?

Jesse Farquharson

Hello folks,

I normally don't write to the list here but I am running across something that is driving me mad.

So, I use hearing aides by Phonak. I have the Phonak CommPilot, a bluetooth audio device that transmits audio from say, my iPhone, directly into my hearing aides, connected to the laptop.

To be blunt, if I want to use my computer, at all, I have to have something streaming, be in a music file or something else. Otherwise, my bluetooth device kicks in... irratically. For some reason, it seems to start,, then stop sending audio immediately after I press a key, kick in again, then cut out as soon as NVDA stops speaking. I have Tony's Bluettoth addon on and running, and I have its standby time at a minute, but is having no affect whatsoever.

Can anyone help?

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