Community add-ons notice: Image Describer by Oliver Edholm is hereby deprecated and will be removed from community add-ons website this week


Hello everyone,


Attention all Image Describer add-on users: if you are using Image Describer developed by Oliver Edholm, this is to inform you that this add-on is hereby declared “deprecated” by the NVDA add-ons community. Efforts by users to contact Oliver was unsuccessful, and the payment service which allowed image recognition (the core of the add-on) to work isn’t working anymore.

Therefore Image Describer add-on is hereby deprecated. Please uninstall this add-on, and sometime this week, Image Describer add-on itself will be removed from community add-ons website. The next version of Add-on updater will not check for Image Describer updates and will tell you to uninstall the add-on (all coming with the next version of Add-on Updater).



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