Re: Bluetooth Audio Addon Not Functioning?


Try Silenzio. It’s a small utility that generates inaudible signals to keep speakers sound cards from timing out when there is no signal, as some do. It will probably solve the Blue Tooth time out problem as well.

Try running the setup file and then if there is anything else to do, such as run the installed utility, do so. Let us know if there are problems or if you have questions.
To read a little about it, perhaps containing mor exact instructions, I haven't read the material, go to this page and you will see a discussion of the timeout problems and various solutions, including this one.


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From: Jesse Farquharson
Sent: Sunday, August 02, 2020 9:17 AM
Subject: [nvda] Bluetooth Audio Addon Not Functioning?

Hello folks,

I normally don't write to the list here but I am running across something that is driving me mad.

So, I use hearing aides by Phonak. I have the Phonak CommPilot, a bluetooth audio device that transmits audio from say, my iPhone, directly into my hearing aides, connected to the laptop.

To be blunt, if I want to use my computer, at all, I have to have something streaming, be in a music file or something else. Otherwise, my bluetooth device kicks in... irratically. For some reason, it seems to start,, then stop sending audio immediately after I press a key, kick in again, then cut out as soon as NVDA stops speaking. I have Tony's Bluettoth addon on and running, and I have its standby time at a minute, but is having no affect whatsoever.

Can anyone help?

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