Re: Community add-ons notice: Image Describer by Oliver Edholm is hereby deprecated and will be removed from community add-ons website this week


hi joseph.
do you mean that this addon is not free?
should we pay money to use it?
and which versions of nvda does it support?

On 8/2/20, Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:
Hello everyone,

Attention all Image Describer add-on users: if you are using Image
developed by Oliver Edholm, this is to inform you that this add-on is
declared "deprecated" by the NVDA add-ons community. Efforts by users to
contact Oliver was unsuccessful, and the payment service which allowed
recognition (the core of the add-on) to work isn't working anymore.

Therefore Image Describer add-on is hereby deprecated. Please uninstall
add-on, and sometime this week, Image Describer add-on itself will be
removed from community add-ons website. The next version of Add-on updater
will not check for Image Describer updates and will tell you to uninstall
the add-on (all coming with the next version of Add-on Updater).



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