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if using google chrome do the following and it can also be done in the settings  part.

The easiest way is use the applications key while on a web page then arrow down to get image descriptions from google there is a sub menu that comes off it one is for once and the other is always/

Pick the always one then press the enter key. It will give you a message saying what ever some thing likeit it will need to be sent to google any how just say yes to the pop up and then after that most un labled graphics will be spoken out.

it can also be reversed by turning it off but you will not.

I used it on tvnz on demand to read out all the un labled graphics for the show/movies there and works a treat.

Turn it off none of the show/movies are spoken out.

In this case I had to jump down by graphics to know what they were. as if I just done it by link it just said new episode.

It does not work on every graphic but does a very good job cconsidering AI is used I am told.

Gene nz

On 3/08/2020 8:24 am, g melconian wrote:
You don’t specifically say where to look and how to turn it on. Have to go into google chrome settings , then to advanced settings , in accessibility settings, then there is image description. That is either toggle on or off, if its toggled off , then toggle it on.

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in chrome browser settings, enable image description.

On 02/08/2020, Albert Peters <> wrote:
Good Day

Please forgive me if this question has been asked and answered previously.

I've received an e-mail newsletter with a graph in the body which, I
suppose, may be the contents. NVDA simply announces "blank".-

Kindly advise me as to how I may convert this graphic so that NVDA can
read it to me, please.

Thanks in advance for all advice offered.

Warm regards.


South Africa

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