Re: reading an article.


And for anyone who might find themselves in the situation where they are having to use the keyboard layout to which they are not accustomed, and you need to find the NVDA shortcut for anything, NVDA+N,H,Q, will bring up the Commands Quick Reference in your default web browser so you can look it up.

I can't say how many times I've used this to look up something I very seldom use, or when faced with laptop keyboard layout since I'm a desktop layout user by default.

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. . . the presumption of innocence, while essential in the legal realm, does not mean the elimination of common sense outside it.  The willing suspension of disbelief has its limits, or should.


    ~ Ruth Marcus,  November 10, 2017, in Washington Post article, Bannon is right: It’s no coincidence The Post broke the Moore story



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