Re: NVDA 2020.2 and Word Track Changes

Sandra Pilz

Hi Sylvie,

Thank you for trying it. Probably we can assume that it's a new bug in the current version of NVDA. 

Thanks for confirmming. 



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Am 03.08.2020 um 16:55 schrieb Sylvie Duchateau <sduchateau@...>:

Hello Sandra and all,

I use Office 365 in French with NVDA 2020.2.

I tested what you describe on a word document with track changes enabled.

I noticed the same as you mentioned:

While typing a to jump to the next change, everything is ok.

However, going backwards with shift+a jumps to the first change and does not go to all others.

I tested the same document with nvda 2019.2 and 2019.3, and the shortcut works properly.

I can’t explain what the problem is.



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I am using the current version of NVDA, 2020.2. When I am in a word document with track changes enabled, I can go to reading mode and press a to go to the next change and again to the next change and so on. However, I can't move to the previous change. When I press shift+a, NVDA will tell me no changes were found, although it took me through them when I went forward using just a.


I am using Office 365. Also, I'm using a German version of NVDA, so I don't know if the key to cycle through changes is different in the English version. However, A is the correct key in my version.


Can I do something to solve this, or is this a new bug?







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