Re: Nvda and multiple reading of subjects in E-mails


Jarek (and anyone else),

         What e-mail client are you using?   Are you opening your messages in their own windows for reading?

         I know the behavior you're talking about, but I don't think it's the actual subject being read multiple times, but because the subject is also the window title in a message window, that's getting read, followed by the actual subject.   In Outlook 2016, if I open a message sent to me in plain text, and I'll use "Keep Forgetting" as the subject, the window title is "Keep Forgetting - Message (Plain Text)", and the actual Subject entry is just Keep Forgetting.  NVDA starts by reading the window title (much like it would say File Explorer when you are in File Explorer or Mozilla Thunderbird if you were using that client and were in the main window) then immediately repeats itself with only the subject because that's the next item in the reading sequence for a message.  Getting the subject read twice is an artifact of how the window for reading same is set up.  If you're getting more than two times, then I'd have to look at the exact client and how the message is being read to determine if what's in the subject is somehow being presented somewhere that NVDA reads a third time.


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