Re: NVDA in windows terminal on older Win 10 versions


On Tue, Aug 4, 2020 at 11:36 AM, Ralf Kefferpuetz wrote:
from my experience as bigger a company is as less chances we got to influence the IT department in their decission to go to more recent versions.
No argument there.  You have to remember (or if I've never shared it, you will now) that I worked for a major defense contractor, E-Systems (long ago sold several times and now part of Raytheon), AT&T (and they don't get bigger than that), as well as two state agencies in Virginia that are subject to the lunacy that is VITA (Virginia Information Technologies Agency - which wasn't really an agency at all, but  a way for Northrup Grumman to line its pockets, that the state paid $38.5 million to in order to terminate the contract for their miserable `service.`).  I recall using Windows XP for several years after Windows 7 was introduced because of just the sort of nonsense you're referring to.

But no sane IT department is going to keep an out of support version of Windows 10 or want to pay for "beyond extended" support for one that has, at least if they've got leadership with any sense.

It's always worth asking about when the next update is planned, as none of this happens without planning, and even when the update comes, it's usually to a Windows 10 version that is at least one, often two, versions behind the latest one.

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