NVDA and MathML content, plus Hi from Jay at AC

Jason Timms


My name is Jay Timms,

Wanted to say hi before blasting some questions to the group. Go gentle I am new here.

I am looking for advice on MathML and NVDA. I am working with a student who needs to access Math.

I have material encoded in MathML, have connected to try to load MathPlayer on his computer. He has the latest version of NVDA and Windows 10. I have reinstalled his Office to ensure it is 32 bit.

His material is in MS Word and has been encoded by a Professional service provider known for their ability to encode in MathML.

We can’t seem to get NVDA to speak the content in the book?

Any thoughts?

Also, I have not worked with someone using MathML before, are there other software solutions or format choices that may work better. The student is new to NVDA and MathML so switching file format is not likely an issue as we are starting from the beginning anyway?


Jay @ AC

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