Re: NVDA in windows terminal on older Win 10 versions


Well you can simply tell your company that you can not do your job properly without upgrading to the latest version of windows.

Even if that only gets you 1909 or 1903 or whatever you simply will have to say that.

If you don't get this, either ask to do the work on your own system or if not say you may have no choice but to bring your personal computer to do your job.

That may get a rise out of em.

I have gotten to that point with some places I have done some work with them.

Basically I had to do something in something which wasn't accessible and told my bosses I would then have to take my system to their place and connect to their secured network that does not allow personal computers to connect to.

Not without rewriting everything that is.

They eventually  saw my point.

I know my brother himself an enginier working in a company, has systems that need well access to certain things on older systems and runs vmware images of things.

Point is, no one will want you to have your personal system on a locked down company network.

It will be easier for them to fix their problem in house.

On the other hand if they refuse who knows.

Not sure about the remote stuff for various things, but you never know.

In my day a few years before covid, that was not possible but they may just do that now.

My brother is working at a big company and they seem to be entertained with a work from home at least in part via remote workstation of the company.

It certainly means you have a extra time to do a few chores while working.

If this virus has improved things it is that companies seem to be happier about people working away from any office, and in fact as long as you have net access you can work anywhere you want.

And while I don't work in a company as such I can work from home, excercise, go out and enjoy life and can still work while listening to my cds, digital collection or my spotify enabled stereo while drinking coffee and eating home cooked meals.

On 5/08/2020 3:35 am, Ralf Kefferpuetz wrote:

Windows 1809 got an extended support for companies due to Covid19 until May 11, 2021.

The company I’m working for is one of the biggest in the IT industry and we are internally still running Win10 1803 and from my experience as bigger a company is as less chances we got to influence the IT department in their decission to go to more recent versions.





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             Have you checked with your organization as to when they will be applying whatever Feature Update they intend to apply next?  Version 1809 is now very old, and is going out of support later this year or May of next for extended support for Enterprise and Educational editions, and I cannot imagine the IT department won't be updating to something significantly more recent.

              In the age of Windows As A Service, it's imperative for developers to keep up with whatever the latest supported versions of Windows 10 are, and when a version is about to go out of support there is no good reason to dedicate resources at that late date.

              I'd be making queries about the next update to Windows 10 on these centrally administered machines, as any changes to NVDA to support version 1809 at this late date would be highly unlikely.


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