Re: NVDA in windows terminal on older Win 10 versions

Christian Schoepplein

Sorry, upgrading only my system to the newest Windows version will not work due to security policies, software distribution processes and so on. Also bringing my own device with a self installed environment will be not allowed.

Everything that has no official process or is not officialy allowed by the IT security department is not possible novadays, at least not in companies who think that they had to work and function in ITIL or similar process models. No chance to get out of such process models, at least it is very difficult.



Am 04.08.2020 um 22:00 schrieb Shaun Everiss:

Well why don't you ask your it people to upgrade you to 2004, I am sure others will be getting the next version upgrade.
On 4/08/2020 11:23 pm, Christian Schoepplein wrote:

I have to use Windows 10 version 1809 on my laptop for my job. With this version I have problems to use the windows terminal. I can't e.g. not read file listings.

On my private laptop with Windows 10 version 2004 installed I do not have those problems.

On both systems the current stable version of NVDA is installed, NVDA 2020.2.

Is it possible to improve the support of windows text console on my old system on my working laptop somehow? I don't know when a newer version of Windows 10 will be rolled out, so a workaround for Windows 1809 would be great.

Cheers and thanks for any hint,



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