Unnecessary verbiage that wastes my time


I really hate unnecessary verbiage that wastes my time and tells me nothing of any value.

I've recently been using the beta version of NVDA. I havedn't gotten the production version since I've been using it so little. But one thing that caught my attention is the announcement of figure and out of figure on web pages. What possible value is there to this? I don't care if something is a figure in structure, whatever that is, evidently some sort of visual formatting. Every time I hear these words, it wastes a little bit of time and distractingly clutters the text. and I see no way to turhn this off in the document formatting options. I turn off the other nonsense such as bloc quote announcement. I turn off almost everything. If new formatting information is added, there should be a way to turn it off.

And why are some of these announcements on by default? People would never put up with a human reader announcing all this clutter. How many users of NVDA ever learn enough to know that they can turn all these announcements off?


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