Re: Issue With Windows Security And Monitoring Virus Scan Progress

Sarah k Alawami

Have you considered using object navigation instead of screen review? This is actually what I do and it works beautifully. Simply in laptop mode (I don't use desktop mode ever) do an nvda shift left and right to move between objects, and nvda down and up to interact and not interact with each object. You do not in my experience need to switch modes.


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On 6 Aug 2020, at 4:37, Ron Canazzi wrote:

Hello Group,

Until recently (I am not sure when this started) when I would manually run a Virus scan for Windows security, I could switch to the screen review cursor and look at the dialogue including the progress and setting.  Now when I try this during a scan, all NVDA says is 'blandk.'  Now if I use the read dialogue keystroke insert + B, after reading through a bunch of superfluous items such as the tool bars and system items, I do get the scan progress information read correctly.  This means that it must be recognizable by NVDA at some level.

Has anyone else seen this issue?  If so, is there some way of rectifying the situation?  If NVDA sees it in the read dialogue context, shouldn't it be available in some form so that it can be read more easily?

Thanks for any help.

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