Re: Object Navigation - Where and How Do You Use It?



One context where I use object navigation is Windows 10 Settings (Windows+I) where you must use object navigation to read certain information.




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Subject: [nvda] Object Navigation - Where and How Do You Use It?


Hello All,

          This is a navigation method that I really have yet to wrap my head around.  My intent with this topic is not to trigger a discussion of the abstract concepts of object navigation, though they're certainly not unwelcome, but to elicit a collection of specific programs/dialogs/etc. where you personally use object navigation to get around in it and how it travels when you do.

           I have not had a lot of luck yet when just playing with object navigation at random, and figure I (and perhaps many others) might "get the hang of it" much better if we were trying it out in a context either that we're familiar with but haven't used it, or in a context someone else has described so that our experimentation has more meaning from the outset.

           If you feel so inclined, please share.

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