Re: Speech crackling/breaking up in latest NVDA


Which is a good example of why people should have an extra USB sound card or UsB headphones or speakers. If you lose sound on your main sound card for some reason, and you don't have one of these things, you may be in trouble without sighted help.


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I don't know how to check this or how to update the driver without assistance. If I mess something up and lose sound, I will have far bigger problems than this. And will also be down a computer. Which would be bad.

On 7/08/2020 2:12 am, Brian Vogel wrote:
Also be certain that the device drivers for your sound device(s) are completely up to date. I see more complaints coming across the general purpose Windows 10 technical support groups about pops, cracks, and other audio irregularities that I ever have with any prior version of Windows. It can almost always be traced back to the drivers, whether that's because the ones installed are old and from the OEM (whether of your computer or sound card), or are newer but Microsoft issued generic ones where the latest OEM drivers are really needed.


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