Re: Speech crackling/breaking up in latest NVDA


On Thu, Aug 6, 2020 at 05:56 PM, Gene wrote:
Before making changes such as installing a different driver, if there is no sighted help available in a reasonable time, should anything be done without an external USB sound card, speaker, or headphones?
A very reasonable question, that's for sure, and if it were my only computer, and I'd be completely "dead in the water" without it, then I'd definitely not be doing major updates to audio device drivers in particular if I didn't have emergency sighted assistance, and that assistant has to have an idea of dealing with rolling back updates to drivers, before doing so.

All of the above being said, and meant, I have never had a driver update that was supplied by the computer's manufacturer (or the sound card's manufacturer) that killed a device when applied.  The same cannot be said of third-party sources, which is why I warn people that there are only three sources from which drivers should be sourced and updates be accepted:  Windows Update, the support page from your computer's manufacturer, the support page from the device's manufacturer.


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