A possible bug


I'm using the latest beta, I haven't switched to the production version.

This appears to be a bug and it may result in information being missed. On The New York Times home page, using Firefox or Brave, I haven't yet tested with Chrome, but Brave is Chrome-based, when you get to the opinion part of the page, the articles in that section aren't seen as headings. All other articles are seen as headings and using a very old NVDA, the articles in the opinion section are seen as headings. This is using Windows 7.

I just tested with NVDA 2019.2.21 and the same thing happens so this likely bug has been around for some time.

I also just tested with Chrome and the same thing occurs. All articles in the opinion section are skipped and the screen-reader moves directly to the editor's picks heading. It needs to be determined what is causing this problem and that may help determine its seriousness.


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