Re: Speech crackling/breaking up in latest NVDA

Luke Davis

On Thu, 6 Aug 2020, Brian Vogel wrote:

dealing with rolling back updates to drivers, before doing so.All of the above being said, and meant, I have never had a driver update that was supplied by
the computer's manufacturer (or the sound card's manufacturer) that killed a device when applied.
I have. There was a Realtech driver that had a bad interaction with one of my HP laptops under early versions of Windows 10.

I forget how I managed to rewind that one--may have needed sighted help, or may have used one of my little Behringer UCA202 USB sound interfaces that I have around for audio work--but I spent a year or so preventing any sound driver updates from applying to that system until I thought it was likely they had resolved whatever problem.

It hasn't been an issue since, but every time I see that Windows is updating anything from Realtech, I'm on the edge of my seat until the system comes back up talking.


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