Re: Object Navigation - Where and How Do You Use It?

George McCoy

I use object navigation with the Super Antispyware program.

The program has focus issues that prevent the tab and shift tab keys from working at times and also prevent usable routing of the mouse.

On 8/6/2020 11:07 AM, Brian Vogel wrote:
Hello All,

          This is a navigation method that I really have yet to wrap my head around.  My intent with this topic is not to trigger a discussion of the abstract concepts of object navigation, though they're certainly not unwelcome, but to elicit a collection of specific programs/dialogs/etc. where you personally use object navigation to get around in it and how it travels when you do.

           I have not had a lot of luck yet when just playing with object navigation at random, and figure I (and perhaps many others) might "get the hang of it" much better if we were trying it out in a context either that we're familiar with but haven't used it, or in a context someone else has described so that our experimentation has more meaning from the outset.

           If you feel so inclined, please share.

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