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On Fri, Aug 7, 2020 at 10:46 AM, Felix G. wrote:
but we get translations of translations, almost never what someone consciously designed.
Because, at least to some extent, that's what happens when you translate one sense to another.  There is no way to make a great deal of what "makes perfect sense" in the sensory idiom for which it was designed to have that perfect sense in another.  All accessibility is a workaround.

Not that I don't understand what you're saying, as I've said it, too, but it is not something you can ever entirely get away from.

And you also say, "In the sighted world nobody would get away with it."   And to a large extent, that's true, but that's not because it's "the sighted world" but because the things designed are being primarily designed with the sense of sight in mind.   Given that the vast majority of the world can see, and that the medium itself is meant to be consumed via sight, that's what makes the most sense, wouldn't you say?

Expecting websites and print media to be primarily designed with the blind in mind would be akin to expecting music to be composed primarily with the deaf in mind.  [And that's not to excuse plain sloppiness and inaccessibility, either.]

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