Re: Unnecessary verbiage that wastes my time

Sarah k Alawami

If anyone needs help with discord, I'm still learning about it, but I manage 3 discord servers and own 2. If not, that's ok as well. Lol!

Take care and be blessed, and have a happy what ever day it is. I have a headache.


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On 8 Aug 2020, at 5:16, Luke Davis wrote:

Hey, who you callin old? LOL

I'm as desirous of immediate gratification as the next person. However, I'm even more desirous of quality responses from a wide base of experience. In the open source software community, that mostly tends to be mailing lists and web based forums, of which this is both.

But again, you're free to start something else, and find out the answer to the age-old (or at least 30 year old) question: if you build it, will they come?
That's the beauty of open source.

Now, get off my lawn!


On Sat, 8 Aug 2020, Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:

Perhaps it's a "me" thing. I find email responses much slower on the whole, which is why I tried to turn to skype groups a while back for more prompt assistance. I would personally prefer a more realtime interaction rather than waiting hours for a response that might not be entirely helpful.

I will admit, however, that many of you are not as young (twenty-nine) as me, nor do many of you have as much free time. And perhaps I'm just impatient when I want a problem solved and should work on that rather than demand an entire group change how they do things for my own convenience.

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