Re: What is the NVDA key combination for pop up dialogues in Firefox or Crome


Matt, this is not actually related to NVDA per se, but is rather
browser dependent. For example, Edge, Chromium, (& Lord forbid,
Internet Explorer) all use alt n. Firefox doesn't use a keystroke at
all--it just pops up--provided you have specified in its options to
ask what to do w/a particular file. If you haven't, then it likely
just saves to your download folder w/o providing you any recourse. Go
to the options in FF to fix that.

On 8/8/20, Matt Wadsworth <> wrote:

I've just moved over from JAWS to NVDA.
IN JAWS, when a dialogue pops up on a web page, such as "do you want to run
or save this file" for example, you press alt plus n to interact with it.
Can you please tell me how this is done in NVDA?

Many thanks for your help.


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