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Whenever this topic comes up, I always recommend The Old Reader
I first discovered it after Google Reader shut down and a lot of us became RSS refugees. It’s web based so you can log in from any device and browser. Completely accessible too. In fact, in my case, I have the “all posts” of the site with all my feeds set as my homepage. A bonus is that it’s compatible with iOS devices, so you can have synchronicity across multiple platforms.
There’s a free as well as paid options. I chose to pay for the extra features as well as to support the developers. It’s something like $2.00 a month, but it could be that I’m grandfathered in at that price since I’ve been subscribed for a while.
There are of course other options out there, but I prefer something web based so I don’t’ have to worry about not having things synchronize like pop3 or having a machine crash and take all my feeds with it or a funky add-on/extension etc.
Currently, I’ve got around 160 RSS feeds. You can create folders, rename feeds, search for feeds while on the site and all that good stuff.
Anyway, my two cents.


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If you are into RSS feeds and feed subscriptions, you most likely know that Windows suffers from a paucity of accessible RSS readers. Internet Explorer offers an accessible RSS reader, but accessing articles in IE is quite problematic these days given the age of the browser itself.
Thunderbird offers a good one, but it doesn't work the way a standard reader should operate in many ways. So I decided to see if I can find a good and stand-alone, I mean service/subscription-independent, RSS extension for MS Edge Chromium/Google Chrome as they have become quite popular. I tested a few readers but landed upon Smart RSS which, despite its accessibility shortcomings, sounds more promising:

Fortunately the developer is quite responsive and really wants to help make Smart RSS more accessible on Github. So if you are interested, please visit the following page and chip in with your perspectives and

Hope together we can find an accessible RSS solution for Windows 10/MS Edge Chromium/Google Chrome in order to get rid of Internet Explorer 11, once and for all!



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