Re: Helping to make an Edge/Chrome RSS reader accessible

David Griffith

I have recently started using the RSS Reader built into Mozilla Thunderbird  and have found that very easy to use.

It is not a particularly well advertised capability of Thunderbird which is surprising.

The only slight quibble is that you cannot jump to your feeds  in the feeds list by first letter navigation but that is not really a game stopper.

The feed articles open into Thunderbird’s own web interface which is presumably a version of Firefox but all the articles I have read so far have behaved fine and all the media buttons tried so far also play.


David Griffith



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From: Amir
Sent: 09 August 2020 14:13
Subject: Re: [nvda] Helping to make an Edge/Chrome RSS reader accessible


Cristóbal, I don't like web-based RSS readers and services at all. The  hassles of logging into and out of them aside, I don't want to share my data with any of them. I want something as simple yet accessible and reachable as Internet Explorer. In fact, had I wanted a web-based RSS service, I could have gone with other services which are more feature-rich. I've also heard that The Old Reader doesn't accept more than 100 feeds in its free version -- it started in 2018.



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