Re: Helping to make an Edge/Chrome RSS reader accessible


Don’t know what to tell you, but at least for me, it’s not all that complicated. I’ve got my feeds sorted nicely into folders that are all displayed on one page. First it’s the folder then the individual feeds below it. I can view all feed entries by folder or feed. Oldest to newest and vice versa. Have them shown as a list view or full article. Share an article to Facebook or Twitter (in my case, I don’t have these services connected for this option), Save to Instapaper or Pocket or share  via email. Again, you don’t “have to pay). There is a free option. Paying the nominal amount is to unlock bonus features, be able to retrieve a larger number of feeds  and again, to support the service. I recall a few months ago a new RSS service based out of Germany being talked about. Like a lot of other services, they touted their privacy-centric approach, but again, they were web based and also had free and paid options. Who’s to say their assurances aren’t any better or worse about data privacy than any other random add-on or extension…

I did try using Outlook’s built in RSS feed for like five minutes and that  was a no go for sure. No structure or easy way to navigate by topic etc.

I’ve had my share of hopefully so far unsuccessful  attempts to get into my accounts too. A password manager, 2FA wherever possible, etc is a good idea regardless of what service you may or may not use.  




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Subject: Re: [nvda] Helping to make an Edge/Chrome RSS reader accessible


Cristóbal, it's mostly a matter of taste although I feel I shouldn't have to pay $2 or more per month for a service when stand-alone extensions can do the job and Internet Explorer has been propelling it for many years. Moreover, with email I also tend to use Thunderbird rather than the web interface. Unlike you I feel finding information, or even a single feed hidden in a folder when you have more than 100 feeds, via the web interface is much more cumbersome and time-consuming than utilizing a stand-alone app. Finally -- and as someone who has been the target of hopefully unsuccessful Apple and Gmail hacking attacks, I guess it's much more important than you portray. At any event and as you rightly said, to each their own.




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