Re: Object Navigation - Where and How Do You Use It?


Hey Brian, I just came across this & thought it might help illustrate
the usefulness of object nav.

Right now, I'm struggling w/integrating Amazon S3 storage w/WordPress.
I found a book I thought might be able to help at:

After the link that says "Click the table of contents to start
reading." you'll notice that there are links that do not announce
their contents. Now, I realize that you can see, so all you'd need to
do is to look, but, since most of us don't have that luxury, & since
NVDA isn't reading these by default, I use the Move to first contained
object key (NVDA+numpad2 or NVDA shift down arrow) to read the link's
url, which tells me the links represent the authors' social media
channels. Those are relatively unimportant, but this can help a great
deal as well w/other links that aren't announced. Hopefully w/this
concrete example, you can see how object nav is useful for NVDA users.

Please note that this posting in no way represents that I am endorsing
this or any other product, or that I have any financial interests in
same (which I don't).

On 8/7/20, Chris Mullins <> wrote:
Hi Brian
I understand you are using Object navigation in this case to gain knowledge
of how to use it but I thought I would make you aware of the Virtual Review
add-on. With Virtual Review installed, pressing NVDA+Ctrl+w when the About
window is in focus, will open a temporary textual window containing the
information from the About window you can’t access in situe using the
keyboard. You can arrow around the virtual review window to read the info
then press escape to dismiss it and return focus back to the About window


from the In

From: Brian Vogel
Sent: 06 August 2020 23:41
Subject: Re: [nvda] Object Navigation - Where and How Do You Use It?

On Thu, Aug 6, 2020 at 06:35 PM, Joseph Lee wrote:
You can’t use keyboard commands to look at various system information
displayed on that screen – you must use object navigation to read them.
Thank you for this specific example.   Again, this is very handy for me to
have as I now have a specific location where playing with object navigation
gets me a result I cannot get otherwise, and I've been told what that result
would be.  I just went through the list of items near the top of the About
pane and got "status green" for each after it was read, and had no idea of
exactly how I was supposed to (or even if I could) get to that information
via NVDA.

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