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On Sun, Aug 9, 2020 at 02:44 PM, Amir wrote:
That's why they're not suitable for me especially for work-related tasks.
I have no idea what you do, and the following is not aimed at you, personally, but if "within the hour" is not fast enough, then that's a business I don't want to be in.

As a former software developer I learned to despise artificial deadlines, and also learned that 99 times out of 100, "It will still be there tomorrow, possible for multiple tomorrows," applied to so-called time critical tasks.

I got out, among other reasons, because there was never time to do it right to begin with, but always plenty of time to do it over just so long as something, anything, was presented by someone's designated deadline that was completely disconnected from actual need.

One of my favorite quotations, whether you liked the source or not:

     I reject get-it-done, make-it-happen thinking. I want to slow things down so I understand them better.

             ~ Gov. Jerry Brown

Most times, you can slow them way down, and get a far better solution/result.

Sorry for getting all meta on everyone.  It's a hot and lazy Sunday afternoon.


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