Re: Object Navigation - Where and How Do You Use It?

Charles Adkins

Ok, let me ask a dum question. Is object navigation a part of NVDA or do I need to install an add-on? Thanks so much. If this was already answered earlier and I missed it, my apology.

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´╗┐Today, I wanted to change the setting in Firefox about how it would work with history. I wanted to use the combo box to have it use custom settings. But every time I would change the setting, even after opening the combo box, a dialog would come up telling me I would have to restart the program for the setting to take effect. I used object navigation, after opening the combo box with alt down arrow, to see the options without triggering the dialog and I selected the one I wanted by working with the object. I don't remember if I used the mouse option or the perform default action option. Screen review was useless. I wouldn't have been able to work with the combo box without object navigation.

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one use that doesn't seem to be mentioned so far is when using simple
navigation triggers events you don't want, that happens with some web
pages, with other workarounds - The one concrete case i encounter
fequently is visual studio, for instance when navigating through the
category tree in options, some categories may take quite a while to
load., so using object navigation to explore and only select what I need
is much less annoying.

-- patrick

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