Re: Issues with Edge Chromium: is Google Chrome still a more viable option?

Greg Wocher

Try using Control Plus L to move to the address bar. It is what I use and it works every time. 

Greg Wocher

On Aug 10, 2020, at 5:52 AM, Amir <mobilespace08@...> wrote:

Hi Richard,
Thanks for your reply.
It's quite strange because I'm not moved to the App Bar/Address Bar upon pressing Control+T quite often. Even if I press Control+T, attempting to force the cursor to move to the App Bar with ALT+D fails quite often, and the cursor will remain on an HTML area belonging to the new tab page. I have none of these issues in Google Chrome, and wish Edge would allow us to use a blank page for its new tabs.
As for Favorites, I don't have Dropbox installed as I don't use it. The equivalent of the Bookmarks submenu in Google Chrome is Favorites in Edge, accessible via ALT+F+O followed by Enter, but it doesn't allow first-letter navigation for some of the letters as they activate some functions -- like A for Add this page to Favorites.

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