Re: Issues with Edge Chromium: is Google Chrome still a more viable option?


Luke, thanks for the Registry suggestion. I just tried it but to no avail.
However, the more I test Edge Chromium with NVDA, the more I come to the conclusion that Google Chrome is a better option. For instance, with the website if you want to reply to a message via the web interface (like what I'm doing right now), NVDA becomes quite sluggish on the Rich Text area, responding quite slowly to presses of Left, Right, Home, End, and so forth in MS Edge Chromium 84. But with Google Chrome 84 everything works as expected and working with such editors is a breeze. Also add it to the fact that NVDA's reporting of misspelled words, via the buzz, is broken on MS Edge Chromium whereas it works with Google Chrome like a charm. Guess I'm switching back to Google Chrome after that stint with Edge.


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