Re: Issues with Edge Chromium: is Google Chrome still a more viable option?

Hareth <hareth4m@...>

Although I can not replicate your issues, But still there is pressing
F6 or shift plus F6 to get the address bar, Or to rotate them tool
bars available with your browser.

On 8/10/20, Amir <> wrote:

I've been using Google Chrome over the past couple of years and have
been a happy camper. However, having read about MS Edge Chromium's
better privacy/RAM controls and the Read Aloud feature, I decided to
give it a try. I really want to make the switch, but the following
issues appear to be showstoppers:
1. NVDA has issues focusing the cursor on the Address Bar, or what is
called the App Bar in Edge. That is, as I press Control+T or ALT+D, the
focus doesn't always land in the edit box. Sometimes I need to press
ALT+D several times in order to get the cursor there, and sometimes it
doesn't happen at all.
2. I've tried tinkering with Edge's settings, but it seems that Edge
doesn't provide a way to offer a blank new tab whenever I press
Control+T. That might not be a big deal and Google Chrome doesn't have
such a feature either, but I want to achieve this to take care of the
following issue in Edge.
3. Unlike Google Chrome, Edge/NVDA tend to report "Load complete", "Load
still in progress", "Opening new tab", etc. Even when I press Control+T,
I hear "Load complete" which is driving me nuts! At first I thought I'd
like them, but now I think there really should be a way to suppress
them! And I'm aware of the Win 10 Apps Essentials trick, but can't use
it because I don't want to lose other important announcements by
utilizing that.
4. I have difficulty accessing favorites in Edge -- what Google Chrome
calls Bookmarks. I've found the easiest way to do it would be pressing
ALT+F, followed by O, followed by Enter to open Favorites. However, even
there not all first-letter navigation presses work. For instance,
pressing A or S activates the "Add this page to Favorites" or other
options there instead of moving to Favorites which begin with A or S.
This is also true with a couple of other letter presses, so how do you
efficiently/quickly access Favorites in Edge Chromium? Moreover, in Edge
NVDA doesn't notify you if a so-called Favorite item is a folder or a
menu containing other items. Oftentimes pressing Enter on such items
doesn't force NVDA to read its subitems and you have to get the readout
5. This is more of an NVDA issue rather than an Edge issue. In Google
Chrome NVDA notifies me whenever I type a misspelled word into an edit
box via a buzz, but in Edge the buzz doesn't work at all. Guess either I
or someone else should report this on Github, but this is definitely an
NVDA issue with Edge 84.
6. Finally, the Read Aloud feature in Edge, which is really cool, has a
serious flaw: it adds long pauses, up to 2 or 3 seconds, between
sentences which makes the feature absolutely annoying. Any chance of
reducing the pauses? I've seen no settings for that.
So with all of these issues, should I go back to Google Chrome? Your
suggestions and work-arounds would be much appreciated.


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