Disable report of alerts from Zoom

CARLOS-ESTEBAN <carlosestebanpianista@...>

Hi all.

Some users have this situation: In a Zoom meetin, when a person have problems of conection and leave, NVDA sais who leave the meetin.

But if the user read somme ting with NVDA, for example, slides from a presentation, NVDA stop the reading and talk the alert.

The options report notifications and report dinamic contend changes disabled in the category object presentation dont disable the alerts from Zoom. Some idea? have a developer a temporal solution or an app module?



Carlos Esteban Martínez Macías.

Músico (pianista) y también ayuda a usuarios ciegos con el uso de lectores de pantalla y tecnología.

Experto certificado en el lector de pantalla NVDA.

Musicien (pianist) and also help to the blind people in the use of screen readers and technology. Certified expert in the screen reader NVDA.

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