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Is an excellent change, thanks!

I updated Zoom and is possible.


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Hi everyone


Coming in late on this discussion, so hope I’m on the right track!


Ensure you update to the latest build of Zoom and you will notice that they have added the ability to turn on and off alerts for screen readers in Settings/Accessibility. I only spotted this yesterday when installing it for a client.


Hope this helps.






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I don't know who's organizing the meetings in question, but if you have the ability to contact them in advance, there are settings they can tweak to make the join/leave notifications be triggered only for the meeting Host and Co-Hosts.

See this Zoom Support Page:
and search on, "Sound notification when someone join or leave."

Although this may not have a connection to text notification of same, I'm willing to bet that it might.  It's worth checking out, at the very least.

Zoom is going to have a lot of refining to do, and for reasons of accessibility plus a lot of others.  I doubt that they ever, in their wildest dreams, foresaw the app taking off as quickly and gaining as many users as it has in a very short period of time.  While there are limited human resources for tweaking Zoom, they certainly can't make changes for any problems unless those problems are reported to them and the changes that would help are spelled out.


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