Re: Protonmail

Luke Davis

On Tue, 11 Aug 2020, Jesse Farquharson wrote:

The bridge is usable, and you will only have to use it once. After that, you shouldn't have to open it again. It just allows your preferred client to access
your ProtonMail account.
A slight correction here. You have to configure it once. But you have to run it in the background all the time, or have it start automatically.

It is running a local IMAP and SMTP server on your machine, which then encrypts and delivers into and out of the ProtonMail network.

So you do need to have the bridge running any time you want to be able to access Proton from within Thunderbird or Outlook or whatever.
But fortunately after that initial config, all you should have to do (from my few hours of playing with it) is start and minimize it.


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