applian medi capture latest install


Hi all.

This is just a small note that if you use this and install it, you will loose speech near install end.

If you hit winkey r and type nvda or restart nvda you will get speech back and can finnish install.

A note though, while you will get speech back, it appears the digital output device has been updated, you will need to go to sound and playback in control panel or settings and make sure your internal sound card is the default else you will not get windows sounds to work.

you will then need to restart nvda again.

On reboot it will all work again to.

I really wander how to have it so windows never changes default soundcard no matter what is plugged in.

Obviously if its something like a headset, I want it to change or a usb device.

But not a virtual or an hdmi cable because these things either have really bad speakers or no sound at all.

There used to be a way in windows 7 but I am not sure what to do with windows 10.

Its not the end of the world but its just annoying.

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