Re: Protonmail


Hmmm the bridge sounds a mess.

At any rate why would I want to use protonmail web when I can use gmail without any message limits on thunderbird.

I guess I could set up an encripted email on proton if I were that concerned which I am not.

I am not doing anything wrong anywhere.

Why can't I just set up pgp if I really want to do this, thunderbird supports it.

So google make money, our personal information is up for sale, and they give us so much free services, services which would cost a lot otherwise.

Is it worth the loss of privacy.

Put it this way, it is secure, and I have really good uptime.

Pluss the os, the gps, the maps, email, hangouts, chrome, the list goes on and on and on.

And its why I bother with google adds even.

They are giving me enough that I feel I don't mind selling my private info to them, as long as they continue to give me remote services like captcha for my site and it all works and translation and image discriptions and other things like they do, oh and youtube, music and otherwise, its worth my privacy.

Back on dialup days I can remember a 10 mb storage limit, 2.50 dollars an hour, 2 bucks for an email address a month.

I think the issue with a lot of new people is they forget before the cloud it actually cost a lot to be online.

Being private is fine, but on the other hand if google were an isp to I'd also get into it.

On 13/08/2020 2:27 am, Jesse Farquharson wrote:


The bridge is a feature which can be accessed by any of the paid plans, but unfortunately not for free. You can still use the web interface though.

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