Re: Thunderbird quick key folder nav extension

Kevin Cussick

Brian, I got the very same message on my 64bit version of tbird, I have not seen this before but now the addon works again as it had stopped working. so one happy camper.

On 12/08/2020 18:11, Brian Vogel wrote:
Here's a first, at least for me.  I went in to Tbird extensions to see which ones I have installed after someone mentioned Lightning on a separate topic.  Quick Folder Key Navigation is another of the extensions I have installed.
After jumping over to my web browser for a couple of minutes, I noticed a T-bird window with the title, "Loading...," had shown up, which I'd never seen before, and its content is about Quick Folder Key Navigation.  It reads: /The add-on has been updated to make it compatible with Thunderbird version 69.0 and later. It continues to be compatible with Thunderbird 68.0. Note that the "Enable key navigation" item for toggling key navigation on and off in the folder tree that used to be added to the "Go" menu has been moved to the context menu of the folder tree. /The only button is Close.
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