Re: Thunderbird quick key folder nav extension


On Wed, Aug 12, 2020 at 04:45 PM, Kevin Cussick wrote:
I have not seen this before but now the addon works again as it had stopped working.
My guess is that Thunderbird is maturing in terms of how it handles extensions and what it expects of extension authors.  It's really not unlike the evolution of NVDA in that regard.  First there was basically nothing but "write an extension and it's up to the user to know when things change," then Joseph Lee's Add-On Updater, then the added feature to Add-On Updater such that it removes obsolete add-ons, and I believe eventually that functionality is to be integrated into the NVDA core code.  In order for any of that to work, the add-on writers have to provide specific information, in a specific format, so that the logic that figures out, "does this work now," can do it.

That also points out, though, that what many end-users think of as "automatic" is, in reality, anything but.  The ability to have these "automated for the end user" functions work imposes burdens on the developers to support what's needed to make them work.

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