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Skype is very accessible with screen reader. Is a web application, so, NVDA use the browse mode.




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De: zahra
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did you try skype 8.62 or 8.61?

were they accessible for screen readers?


On 8/13/20, Inam Uddin via <charlsdarwin1969@...> wrote:

> Respected friends, today I’m very sorry to let you know that with the latest

> NVDA I cannot use Skype.

> The matter of fact is that I’m using Skype 8.63.

> As I go to desktop and focus to Skype, it says nothing other than Skype.

> With JAWS it is continuously saying Chrome Legacy Windows, but with narrator

> it is working fine.

> Please do something it is a serious issue!

> With regards from Inamuddin with the Skype ID:

> Charlsdarwin1

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