Re: Looking for accessible PDF editors

Akash Kakkar

Not at all.
I've just again tried foxit and nitro and they are not at all accessible.
can you proov your claim by providing a audio recording?

On 8/15/20, Tyaseta Rabita Nugraeni Sardjono <> wrote:
What you say is not right. I tried all of them. Extreemly accessible.

On Sat, Aug 15, 2020, 13:40 Akash Kakkar <> wrote:

None of them is accessible for editting purpose

On 8/15/20, Tyaseta Rabita Nugraeni Sardjono <>
For edit pdf can use Adobe acrobat dc, nitro pdf, foxit reader

On Sat, Aug 15, 2020, 12:05 Mária Orovčíková


Hello list,
please, are there any PDF Editors available that are accessible with
latest NVDA and Windows 10?
I need to fill in an application form which is in PDF format only, so
am looking for either an accesible PDF editor or a way how to convert
the file into accessible format to fill in, but the formating as in
original document *must* be preserved. It is the application form for
the city council where I live, that's why formatting is so infortant.
I do not have sighted person around all the time, and I would like to
it on my own if possible.
Thank you very much in advance.

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