Re: narator's driver, problems with screen readers and braille.

Afik Souffir <afik.souffir@...>

For me its dont recognizing the even the narator itself.
I i fix it for now, but its happend to me so often so i’m really dont know what to do.
Even removing it does not help, its magically coming back after every update.

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Oh that’s awful!  I did that a couple of months ago when I was fooling around with Narrator and saw that it has support for Braille now.  So I very foolishly hit enter on this driver thing that would make Narrator work with Braille!  It was brltty, and after that, my Braille display wouldn’t work with either Jaws or NVDA.  Took me 3 days to get that fixed.  That’ll teach me not to hit enter on suspicious links!



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Subject: [jfw-users] narator's driver, problems with screen readers and braille.



Hi, evening from Israel.


This email has been written after a long call with Microsoft disability answer desk about the narator's Braille driver and the problems with other screen readers its can cause.


First of all, there is no selution. He suggest me to do a repair for my machine, no matter that I've explained to him 20 times that's is not my problem, its global problem around the world that’s effect many blind people who use Braille.

I even showed him this in Jaws and NVDA, and also that the change braille display driver is not always there, but it’s the same screen as always.

Even removing the driver its not an option, its said "accessibility braille support uninstallation failed most of the time. And if its removes nothing happened with the braille.



After 30 minutes of explomations and "hmmmmm" from him, which just get me more angry, he said "ok, submit a feedback to us.

But he doesn't know the email address of the department.


What do you think? How can we solve this really frasreting




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